America Grants Moroccan Sovereignty Over Western Sahara Region

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  • America Grants Moroccan Sovereignty Over Western Sahara Region *

New York – United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Kelly Craft, has formally written to the United Nations Security Council and the UN Secretary-General notifying the contents of a Statement issued by US President Donald Trump recognizing the full sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the entire Western Sahara region.

In a letter dated December 15, 2020 addressed to the President of the Security Council, a copy of which was also sent to the UN Secretary General, the US Ambassador confirmed that the official statement issued by President Trump acknowledged “that the entire Western Sahara region is part of the Kingdom of Morocco”.

In the letter to be circulated as an official Security Council document, Craft said the US statement also emphasized that Morocco’s autonomy proposal was “the only basis for a fair and lasting solution to the dispute in the Western Sahara Region”. A copy of President Donald Trump’s Statement on the Moroccan Sahara is attached to Craft’s letter to the Security Council and the UN Secretary General.

This statement thus reaffirms US support for a serious, credible and realistic Moroccan autonomy proposal as the only basis for a just and lasting solution to the settlement of disputes over the Western Sahara region. “The United States believes that an independent Sahrawi State is not a realistic option for resolving the conflict and that genuine autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty is the only viable solution,” reads the historic document.

Craft in his letter urged the Moroccan autonomy program to be implemented immediately in the Western Sahara region. “We urge the parties to engage in discussions without delay, using the Moroccan autonomy plan as the only framework for negotiating mutually acceptable solutions,” Craft said. (PERSISMA / Red)

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