Saut H. Sibarani Global Reporter Investigating News Died, “Many Parties Suspect His Death Is Considered Unnatural?!”

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GI NEWS – There has been no coordination and communication with the Editors and the Big Family in WhatsApp Group, Finally Saut Haposan Sibarani, Head of Regional Head of Riau Islands Province Print Media and Online TV GLOBAL INVESTIGATION NEWS received news that he had passed away one month ago. This was conveyed by Elvi Sibarani, the late brother of the late, Tuesday (10/07) to the Editor of Print Media and Online TV GLOBAL INVESTIGATION NEWS. It was like being struck by lightning to hear the news because Bang Saut was in good health. Finally, before he died, he (Saut Haposan Sibarani-Ed) informed the Editor that he would follow up on the development of a case related to high-ranking officials in Batam City regarding the alleged fake diploma and hazardous waste to Jakarta and promised to stop by Bandung City to meet the Editor. That, for almost 2 months there has been no contact at all with the editors, even his cellphone is also inactive and difficult to contact, after searching for Bang Saut’s whereabouts through information together with other members of the Press to no avail, finally Bang Saut’s cellphone can also be contacted but The answer is Mrs. Elvi Sibarani who incidentally is her biological sister.

According to his sister’s story that Bang Saut had passed away one month ago, “I didn’t tell him because I didn’t know where the editor was, because my sister’s cellphone was locked and difficult to open,” said Elvi Kakak Saut Sibarani (the deceased).

During the time of communication with the editor, Mrs. Elvi, the deceased’s older brother, informed about the death of his sister and by sharing several photos of the deceased who felt suspicious because his death was considered “unnatural?!”.

According to Evi’s confession, his sister is divorced, because his wife should be suspected of not being able to stand the terror that comes from high-ranking officials in Batam City and he lives in a boarding house in Batam City. As for the Journalistic Works of the deceased, among others, have published about fake diplomas and hazardous waste.

“It’s true, Bang Saut often talks about the results of investigations in Batam City regarding the Problem of Fake Diplomas and B3 Waste, at that time and I didn’t think that my conversation would be the last communication with the deceased and after seeing the photo of the deceased the majority on WhatsApp Group assumed the same Death was judged It’s not natural, such as discharge from the mouth and the skin around the neck and throat is red, well!!!, that’s where various questions, assumptions, assumptions and suspicions arise from various parties, God willing, we will form a team to find the real truth, Remember, Allah SWT Lord The Almighty, the Almighty, will gradually reveal what the cause of his death was, therefore we leave it to the Law Enforcement Officials on this matter, as well as to the extended family left behind to remain patient in the face of these tests and trials, Amen,” said Asep Darsono, Editor-in-Chief of Print Media and Online TV GLOBAL INVESTIGATION NEWS. * To be continued. (red)