Use Village Funds (DD), Panggung Rejo Village – Mesuji District to Build Concrete Rabat Roads

Mesuji -Panggung Rejo Village, North Rawa Jitu District, Mesuji Regency, realized the Village Fund for the 2022 fiscal year by building Village Road Concrete Rebates,

Ropiah as the Village Head of Panggung Rejo said that the Village Fund has been realized, one of which is for the construction of Jalan Rabat Beton, 345 M long, with a width of 2.5 M, which is located at RK 02 and RK 5.

The construction of Concrete Rebates with a budget ceiling of Rp. 173,289,030 uses workers from local residents in an effort to empower the community, and now it has been completed and the road can now be used by the community.

“The purpose of the road builder is so that residents around and from outside the village can feel the ease of access to mobilization, because so far the road is rather difficult to pass during the rainy season,” said Ropiah as the head of the Rejo stage village, Thursday (12/22/22 ).

With the construction of the road as the main access for residents, it is hoped that it will be useful for facilitating road users, both from the Panggung Rejo village and from neighboring village communities.

“Hopefully what has been built will benefit the community and it is also hoped that all communities, especially in the Rejo stage village, can mutually support all programs in the village,” he concluded (Suryadi)